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Human service organizations are often the first that come to mind when people think about the non-profit sector. They are vitally important in providing essential services for children and families, emergency assistance, food, housing and residential care. This subsector comprised 12% of all donations received by charities in 2016.

The impact of the organizations we serve is immeasurable, which is why we work to set your organization apart to accelerate your fundraising. We coach and role play to develop solicitation strategies that effectively communicate to potential donors. We help you define your organization’s unique position in your service market, your exclusively different way of delivering services, and your success. Then we prove it with a set of stellar, quantifiable results.

Fundraising done well is joyful, and establishing the strategies to engage donors around the causes they care about can be exhilarating and impactful. We have grown fundraising programs in the human service sector from infancy to sophisticated operations through program assessments designed to fully develop fundraising potential. We have teamed with organizations solving complex issues and developing a true culture of philanthropy among passionate staff, board members, volunteers, and donors.

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