Preparing for the golden years ahead.

We helped VMRC multiply their positive impact, launching a campaign to raise funds to update their campus, increase endowment, and strengthen annual giving.

The situation.

Located in Harrisonburg, Virginia, the Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community (VMRC) is a leading Life Plan Community dedicated to helping people age well and live fully. The VMRC Foundation, in considering a campaign that would bring needed upgrades to their campus, increase the Foundation’s endowment, and strengthen annual giving, partnered with R+R to assess community interest in and potential funding for the proposed campaign.

They stay in touch with our sector due to their client base. When they speak to our groups, they speak our language.

The process.

Together with VMRC Foundation leadership, we conducted campaign readiness and peer benchmarking studies that carefully evaluated the Foundation’s fundraising capacity and processes in light of industry standard metrics. We focused on ways in which VMRC could capitalize on its assets and address its challenges in order to have a successful campaign, and worked with leadership to determine an appropriate working campaign goal.

The campaign, currently in its second year, is flourishing beyond expectation. There is broad board, staff, and community support, including many leadership level gifts. As the campaign progresses, we continue working with the Foundation team to broaden the base of support, form volunteer leadership committees, and conduct high quality formal and informal prospect research and relationship mapping strategy sessions.